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Anonymous said: hiii what's the average weight and height of 16-year-old girls in korea?



ummmmmm…… is there a creeper hotline yall? 

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Anonymous said: Hi! I'm sorry if I'm bothering you with this but I've been wanting to visit Korea and maybe spend some time living there and/or going to school there but I'm Filipino (not a hypebeast though, I swear) and I keep hearing some pretty messed up things about how Filipinos are treated over there. Do you know how other Asian races are seen/treated in Korea? I thought you were the best to ask since you seem to be very honest and list thr good and bad. Not just completely Korea-biased.

Hi I realize this is a mad late response. Sorry! 

Ok so I don’t know too much about this personally but overall there is a prejudice against foreigners. Sometimes it’s good for us sometimes bad. I do know that non-white foreigners are looked upon a bit more skeptically and maybe with a bit more gruff manner in handling things. I doubt anyone would do anything awful to your face as they are very keen to have tourists and international students. I personally found that it wasn’t until you started getting involved with Korean’s private lives that the racism really came out. Old people everywhere are racist and kind of cranky jerks so expect that but younger folks shouldn’t be much of an issue in my opinion. 

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Anonymous said: What is the climate like in Seoul?

The winter is freezing and awful. The summer is hot and a lil humid. August is a monsoon. 

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nimphomania said: hey :) im so interested in korea as a culture, i wanted to ask you, is it true that all the youger does a lot of plastic surgery? cause i see some INHUMAN legs and faces on the girls.

Oh Korea and surgery. Compared to Western countries the simple answer is yes. It is really normal for HS and college students to have what they consider small, normal surgeries that we consider like “OMG PLASTIC SURGERY” The most popular of course is double eyelid surgery. That can be done with varying degrees of extreme and can be over done to the surgeon actually changing the shape of the entire eye so long as the skull permits the space. Then there’s other small things like having your gums snipped away at to make your teeth look bigger. It is not uncommon to have nose jobs but when you get into the territory of face sculpting (shaving the jaw bone down to create the infamous “V” or girls having their legs lengthened while it’s not unheard of it’s not as common. Is it totally cray? Yes. I have girl friends who save their loose change into liposuction jars…so while what you see in kpop and dramas are EXTREME cases a lot of the time average people are not so intense about it. 

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I think the concept of virginity was created by men who thought their penises were so important it changes who a woman is.

realist shit I have ever read.




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plus my identity is revealed. 

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Hi guys! 

Long time no see. NYC is as great as ever. Well minus today’s bogus terrorist attack! Guess it comes with the territory. In Seoul it was North Korea fucking shit up and here it’s terrorists. Frankly I’ll take NoKo over terrorists any day. I miss Korea so much I wanted to log in and check out everyone’s posts. 

If you’re in Seoul you’re so lucky! NYC is amazing but nothing compares to a drunken night in Hongdae!

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Well kids it’s been almost 5 months since I moved back to the land of English, bank breaking health care, “halal” food carts, and diversity. All in all it’s been a welcomed trade but sometimes the homesickness for Korea is really overwhelming. 

There are lots of hot guys here. All KINDS of hot guys. I mean wow. Ladies we are limiting ourselves with whatever degree of yellow fever (yeah, yeah get over the racial remark) we might have. Yes Kboys are hot but NOT nearly as hot here. Gyopos just….lack the innate sense of style and finness that actual Korean men have. That’s not the point. 

The point is after a few dates with gyopo guys I feel an overwhelming sense of novelty. Oh not that they are novel. No, I have felt with everyone of them that I, a white girl to the core, lived in Korea is hardly more than a novelty. 

Ok I get it, not many white people go to Korea. Not many white girls (we’re talking percentages) prefer Asian guys here. I get it that it might be really awesome to reminisce about your 2nd culture with someone from your…first…culture…while relentlessly pestering a girl to speak a language that you never even spoke at home but it’s your mother tongue….wait a minute!!!!

Hold on now! You, gyopo boys I’ve met thus far, what the freak are you thinking? How can you treat me like this? This is NOT a dog and pony show! You can NOT under any circumstance spend our entire date talking about Korea where you have spent a week or less of each year for your life visiting relatives you can’t talk to. You can NOT constantly hound me to speak Korean, or take me on “surprise dates” which just means going to Ktown so I am “forced” to order in Korean because you tell the waitress IN ENGLISH that I can speak Korean. I will NOT tolerate you correcting MY accent when your own KOREAN MOTHER speaks English to you. I will NOT be happy if you spend more than 20% of MULTIPLE dates talking about how more asian guys should date white girls. I mean….do I need to go on? I think not. 

This is a date, not a trick show. Get over it, I’m practically more Korean than you dude and guess what I DONT CARE. 

Post Korea Waygooks + gyopos —- GO!

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Anonymous said: Hello ^^ I'm moving to Korea for college in two weeks and I need to find an apartment or officetel to live in because the dorms are full for international students, can you give me advice on this?

Errr I am def. not an expert at this. Why doesn’t the school offer help? You need to first ask them and keep asking them until they do something to help. They should at least find you a real estate agent who speaks English. Also almost all apartments have a down payment of at least $5,000 called key money. Then the rent varies. Since I have no idea where you’re living I can’t really be much help but you should look for a go-shi-won it’s like a mix between a cheap hotel for students and a dorm. The rooms are about as big as a closet but all the ones I’ve seen have a private (tiny) bathroom, (tiny) bed, (tiny) desk, and some kind of storage cubby. That would at least be a start. 

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Anonymous said: um yeah, that boy you posted (kris from exo-m) isn't even korean. he's chinese and he's never had plastic surgery. get off your high horse.

High horse? The correct term would be bewilderment. All over blogs that is being praised as a sex symbol. Which to me is scary because he looks like an Asian Bratz Doll. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, whatever nationality/race he is, he is kind of terrifying.